Please note!! All April events/meetings have been cancelled! - - - - - - - Please note!! All April events/meetings have been cancelled! - - - - - - -

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Cleveland Bears on Cafe Press
There are now three pages of Cleveland Bears designs on Café Press! Hats, t-shirts, boxers, buttons, stickers, bears & more (including extra large sizes - a couple to 4x) in black, white and colors are available. Order some club wear for that special someone, or treat yourself! Show pride in our group. (Note: The club does not make a profit on the sale of any of these items. These are made available as a service to members.)

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Hi everyone,

Weíre living in strange times and just wanted everyone to know that, even if we canít be together physically, youíre still being thought about.

Weíve suffered losses, and undoubtedly will have more.

It is a time to treasure all of the connections that we have between us. Some of us are certainly feeling isolated and are grieving the lack of in-person interaction. Consider taking a moment to reach out and keep those connections alive. Not everyone is as electronically connected as the rest of us, so that might mean picking up the phone and giving someone a call.

Letís continue to be a community, even if itís at a distance.

Be well. Stay safe. Stay home,
not just for yourself, but for everyone else too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Cleveland Bears is a social group for adult, gay “bears” (furry and/or bearded men) and their male admirers. The group was formed in 1995 to provide opportunities for social interaction among the members of the bear community of Northeastern Ohio and surrounding areas, and it is an extremely laid back group.