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Dance Videos:
Dance Video Archive - Childgrove
English Country Dance Video Links - Boise
English Country Dance Videos - Lambertville
English Country Dance Videos - Bellingham
Colin Hume's Dance Videos
Gary Roodman's Calculated Figures Videos
San Diego English Country Dance Group

Dance Choreography:
Dance Instruction Index - Ottawa
English Country Dance Database - Cambridge
Instruction & Video Links for English Country Dances - Panix

Specific Choreographers and Collections:
William Bolton: Original Dances

William Bolton: Retreads
CDSS: Gems
Colin Hume: Dance Instructions
Dances from Barnes Three
Playford: The Dancing Master, all editions 1651-1728

Ken Sheffield Collection
Cecil Sharp: The Country Dance Book - Cumulative Index
Pat Shaw's Dances
Victor Skowronski: English Country Dances